lymphaticDrainage6Manual lymph Drainage- $45/30 Min $85/60 Min

(Vodder Method) A light, gentle technique that stimulates the lymphatic system by increasing lymph absorption and transportation through the lymph vessels and lymph nodes up to 10 times the prior rate.

1826706Injury Rehab Spot Treatment –$30/30 Min • $60/60 Min

Rehabilitation of injured tissues. Restores function and range of motion. Designed to treat & focus on one problem area per 30 min. For Pain Relief, Schedule Here


2377171Swedish Massage-$60/60 Min • $90/90 Min • $120/120 Min

Relaxation massage to alleviates stress, increase circulation, and promote well-being.


4333491Deep Tissue Massage- $65/60 Min • $95/90 Min • $125/120 Min

Uses firmer, slower pressure to release chronic pain and tension. To Decrease Muscle Tension, call 520-247-3362


6796743On-site/Mobile Massage: (Must In Advance Call To Book)

Travel Fee Added  Per Visit (Limited Availability)

Within 1 to 10 Miles $20    •    Over 10 Miles $30


4396782Sweet Feet Treatment  30 min/ $30

Pamper your feet with our new Sweet Feet Treatment! Your feet are wrapped up in hot towels as your calves are massaged. Then then your aches and pains are soothed away with  our Sweet Feet Massage Treatment.  Sacred Earth Botanicals Foot Cream is used because it  is scented with soothing lemongrass and peppermint. This lotion softens the skin and smells amazing! This treatment is for anyone who needs that added attention and care for their tired achy feet. Give your feet some extra TLC-


Massage Packages

2377171Swedish Wellness Package

Bundle of 4 – 90 Min Sessions – $320* ($40 Savings)

Bundle of 4 – 60 Min Sessions- $220* ($20 Savings)


4333491Deep Tissue Wellness Package

Bundle of 4 – 90 Min Sessions $340* ($40 Savings)

Bundle of 4 – 60 Min Sessions $240* ($20 Savings)


1800059 Paraffin Treatment Hands $7

  • Tired, Achy Hands (Seasonal)



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